Le Bac A Sable, how does it work?

It may only have been six months since we opened (I know!!!), but we’ve already drawn up a shortlist of frequent questions in the hope of providing some answers. In case we missed anything, you can fire your questions on over to us contact@lebacasablecafe.com

    • Is the Bac A Sable exclusively intended for work?

Of course not! The Bac A Sable is a café and, like in any café, you’re always welcome to come and spend time here. The only difference from a traditional coffee shop is the pay-per-hour system and the added working features. Bonus!

    •  Do I need to book a space?

No, you don’t need to book or take out a subscription! You can drop by whenever you want and sit wherever you like.

    • So, how does it work?

On arrival, we’ll tell you everything you need to know and give you a little card that you’ll need to keep safe to pay for time spent when you leave. The first hour is always payable in full, and thereafter you pay per quarter hour.

    • And what about meetings?

For meeting requests, please book using the following link http://www.supersaas.fr/schedule/Le_Bac_A_Sable/Reservez_votre_salle_de_reunion or call us on  +33 (0)5 56 44 94 25.

    • And the coffee is FREE??? What else is included in the co-working fee?

It includes full use of a space equipped with high-speed Wifi, unlimited hot drinks and all the biscuits you can eat from the blue sideboard! You’ll also find games, books, magazines, throws and laptop supports on sofas for added comfort. Phone batteries and anti-reflective computer glasses are also available upon request. Cozy, right?

    • What about lunch?

A range of snacks including sandwiches, soups, quiches, croissants, sodas, bear, wine and yogurts are available all day long. You can also buy take-out, have it delivered or bring your own from home. Microwaves and cutlery are at your disposal in the kitchen meeting room.

    • Can I make phone calls without disturbing others?

Of course!  You’re welcome to work and communicate as you please, but please be mindful of others and don’t speak too loud. The space is divided into 2 parts. The conservatory area is generally a little quieter. If you’re worried about making too much noise, you might prefer the street-facing space.

    • Can I use the Bac A Sable for private meetings?

You can find quiet areas for 2 to 3 people around a table. If your meeting involves sensitive or confidential data, you can always book a small meeting room.

    • You also organize workshops! How do they work?

They are generally 45-minute sessions led by an expert, followed by 45 minutes of questions over coffee or a drink. Most of the workshops are available at the standard coworking fee. If you’d like to join us, feel free to register on the events page https://www.lebacasablecafe.com/l-agenda/

    • What if I want to host an event at the Bac A Sable?

If you want to privatize the space for your event, call us at +33(0)5 56 44 94 25  and we’ll send you a quote according to the number of participants, schedule, and additional services like catering…

For more info, please contact us:

+(33) 05 56 44 94 25

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Le Bac A Sable Working - Café is a cafe dedicated to remote workers, entrepreneurs and students. It occupies an area of 260m² in the heart of Bordeaux's historical quarter with space for up to 75 people, including 3 meeting rooms.
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Tuesday - Friday / 09:30 - 18:30


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